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part of speech: noun

The fluid which is secreted by the salivary glands, and which serves to moisten the mouth and tongue. The principal use of saliva is that of converting the starchy elements of the food into grape- sugar and dextrine. When discharged from the mouth it is called spittle. Saliva contains about 5 or 6 parts of solid matter to 995 or 994 of water, the chief ingredients being an organic matter named ptyalin and sulphocyanide of potassium. In its normal state its reaction is alkaline, but the degree of alkalinity varies, being greatest after meals. The parotid saliva is limpid, and serves to moisten the food in the process of mastication; the sub- maxillary and sub- lingual saliva is viscid, and is essential to deglutition and gustation.

part of speech: noun

The frothy fluid which gathers in the mouth- discharged from the mouth, it is called spittle.

part of speech: noun

The watery fluid or spittle formed in the mouth.

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