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part of speech: noun

The great mass of salt water covering the greater part of the earth's surface: any great expanse of water less than an ocean: the ocean: the swell of the sea in tempest: a wave: any large quantity of liquid: any rough or agitated place or element.

part of speech: adjective

Of or relating to the sea, or connected with it.

part of speech: noun

A body of salt water, smaller than an ocean; a large inland body of water; the ocean; the swell of the ocean; as, there was a high sea after the storm.

part of speech: noun

A vast collection of water, smaller than that of an ocean; the ocean; a wave or large quantity of sea- water, as to ship a sea; the character of the surging and swelling of the waves, as a heavy sea; any large quantity of water or other liquid; in Scrip., applied to a large basin or cistern.

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