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Definitions of separate:

part of speech: past tense, past participle


part of speech: adjective

Divided from the rest; disunited; detached.

part of speech: adjective

Divided from the rest; disconnected; not united; distinct.

part of speech: present participle


part of speech: verb

To part or disunite; to break or divide into parts; to sever from the rest; to withdraw, as persons; to withdraw from each other; to open.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To part: to withdraw from each other: to become disunited.

part of speech: verb transitive

To divide: to part: to withdraw: to set apart for a certain purpose.

part of speech: noun


part of speech: adverb


part of speech: adjective

Separated: divided: apart from another: distinct.

part of speech: verb transitive, verb intransitive

To part or divide; disunite; disconnect; withdraw.

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