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part of speech: verb transitive

To mortify; cover with reproach; to make ( a person) do a thing through the sense of shame or disgrace.

part of speech: verb transitive

To make ashamed: to cause to blush: to cover with reproach.

part of speech: noun

A painful sensation caused by the consciousness of wrongdoing, immodesty, or dishonor; that which causes a sensation of guilt; reproach; sense of decency.

part of speech: noun

The uneasy sensation of mind produced by a consciousness of guilt or loss of reputation; the pain or emotion arising from the thought of another person beholding us, or something connected with us, with contempt, indignation, or disgust; that which brings reproach, and degrades in the estimation of others; reproach; dishonour; disgrace.

part of speech: verb

To fill with shame; to cause to blush.

part of speech: noun

The feeling caused by the exposure of that which ought to be concealed, or by a consciousness of guilt: the cause the shame: dishonor: ( B.) the parts of the body which modesty requires to be concealed.

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