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part of speech: verb intransitive

To sing or play above the correct pitch.

part of speech: adjective

Having a keen edge or a fine point; bent at an angle less than a right angle; acute of mind; of quick or nice perceptions; acid; pungent; shrill; not flat, as sounds; biting or piercing, as the wind; harsh, fierce, or severe, as words; characterised by keenness or severity; keenly attentive to one's own interest; unfair; knavish; narrow; lean; hard, as sand.

part of speech: noun

In music, a note raised by a certain figure, itself also termed a sharp.

part of speech: adverb

Piercingly; keenly; to an edge or point.

part of speech: verb

To mark with a sharp.

part of speech: noun

In music, a tone or note raised a semitone in pitch; a character on a degree of the staff indicating that the degree is a half step higher in pitch.

part of speech: adjective

Having a thin, cutting edge or fine point: peaked or ridged: affecting the senses as if pointed or cutting: severe: keen: of keen or quick perception: pungent: biting: sarcastic: eager: fierce: impetuous: shrill.

part of speech: adverb


part of speech: adverb


part of speech: verb transitive

To make higher in pitch by a semitone.

part of speech: adjective

Having a thin edge; as, a sharp knife; ending in a fine point; well- defined; distinct; keen; as, a sharp eye; severe; as, a sharp pain; shrill; as. A sharp sound; acid or pungent; as, a sharp taste; sarcastic or bitter; as, a sharp reproof; intensely cold; attentive; as, a sharp lookout; violent; abrupt; as, a sharp bend in the road; in music, above true pitch; raised a semitone in pitch.

part of speech: noun

An acute sound: ( music) a note raised a semitone: the character directing this: a shrewdly dishonest person, especially at gaming and speculating.

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