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part of speech: verb transitive

To represent or make known by a sign: to attach a signature to.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To write one's signature; to signal; as, he signed for them to approach.

part of speech: verb

To attach one's name to; to ratify by signature or seal; to indicate by a sign.

part of speech: verb transitive

To affix a signature to; to transfer, as property, by affixing the signature: with off or away; to hire by getting the signature of.

part of speech: noun

Mark, token: proof: that by which a thing is known or represented: a word, gesture, or mark, intended to signify something else: a remarkable event: an omen. a miracle: a memorial: something set up as a notice in a public place: ( math.) a mark showing the relation of quantities or an operation to be performed: ( med.) a symptom: ( astr.) one of the twelve parts of the zodiac.

part of speech: noun

That by which a thing is known; a token; a wonder; a miracle; a symbol; a gesture instead of words; any significant mark; something intended to serve as a proof or type; indication; something set up on a house to show the tenant's occupation; a visible representation; in astron., the twelfth part of the ecliptic; in alg., a character or symbol indicating the relation between quantities; in med., anything by which the presence of disease is made known.

part of speech: noun

A gesture or motion expressing command or wish; a symbol; a mark; token; an emblem; a symptom; a lettered board or plate used to point out a place of business, etc.; an event considered as indicating the will of God; a miracle; in astronomy, one of the twelve divisions of the zodiac; in mathematics, a mark or character used to indicate relation or operation; as the signs +, -, X, etc.; any mark or character which has a certain fixed meaning.

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