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Definitions of silence:

part of speech: noun

Entire absence of sound or noise; temporary cessation of speech in man; stillness; quiet.

part of speech: verb transitive

To cause to be still; to quiet; to take permission to speak away from; cause to cease firing, as hostile guns.

part of speech: imperative

Let there be no speech or noise.

part of speech: noun

The state of being still or mute; absence of sound or noise; stillness; forbearance from, or absence of, mention.

part of speech: noun

State of being silent: absence of sound or speech: muteness: cessation of agitation: calmness: oblivion.

part of speech: verb

To restrain from noise or speaking; to still; to appease; to stop; to put an end to.

part of speech: interjection

Be silent!.

Usage examples for silence:

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