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Definitions of sitting:

part of speech: noun

The state, position, or act, of one who sits; a seat in a church, etc.; a session or meeting; time during which one sits; set of eggs for hatching.

part of speech: noun

A seat or place, as in a church; the actual meeting of any body of men; the time for which one sits, as for a painter to take the likeness, at play, & c.

part of speech: adjective

Resting on the haunches; perching; pertaining to, or used for, sitting.

part of speech: noun

State of resting on a seat: a seat: the act or time of resting in a posture for a painter to take a likeness: an official meeting to transact business: uninterrupted application to anything for a time: the time during which one continues at anything: a resting on eggs for hatching.

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