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Definitions of so:

part of speech: conjunction

On condition that; if; therefore; as, it is raining, so we cannot go.

part of speech: adverb, conjunction

In like manner, when preceded or followed by as; in such manner, when followed by that; in this way, when followed by as; for this reason; thus; thus it is; provided that; in a high degree, as, he was so good.

part of speech: adverb

In a like manner or degree; as, she is not so tall as her sister; in such a way, state, or amount as is indicated or known; as, he acted so; for this or that reason; therefore; more or less; as, get a dozen or so.

part of speech: adjective

In this manner or degree: thus: for like reason: in such manner or degree: in a high degree: as has been stated: on this account: be it so: provided that: in case that.

Usage examples for so:

  • I must have it, I tell you; so go. "The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay", Maurice Hewlett
  • " So I am," said Jack. "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh
  • Did you tell him so "Anthony Lyveden", Dornford Yates
  • " So can I," said Laddie. "Six Little Bunkers at Grandpa Ford's", Laura Lee Hope
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