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part of speech: verb transitive

To carry away suddenly or secretly: often with off or away: Spirit, the third person of the Trinity; the Holy Spirit.

part of speech: noun

Vital force: the soul: a ghost: mental disposition: enthusiasm: real meaning: chief quality: a very lively person: any volatile, inflammable liquid obtained by distillation, as brandy:- pl. intellectual activity: liveliness: persons with particular qualities of mind: mental excitement: spirituous liquors.

part of speech: noun

The soul; immortal, nonphysical part of man; any supernatural being, as a ghost or fairy; courage, energy, and liveliness; as, the troops advanced with spirit; power of mind, moral or intellectual; as, " the spirit is willing"; condition of mind, temper, or disposition; as, the spirit of the army was loyal; enthusiasm for an object; as, school spirit; real meaning; as, the tone of the words contradicted their spirit; a strong distilled alcoholic liquor, as whisky, etc.; a solution in alcohol of certain drugs; as, spirit of ammonia; alcohol.

part of speech: noun

An intelligent being imperceptible to the senses; an immaterial substance; the soul of man; a spectre or ghost; ardour; courage; temper or disposition of mind; the intellectual powers of man, as distinct from the body; a man of life, fire, and enterprise; purest part of a body; essential quality; a liquid, as brandy, whisky, or rum, obtained by distilling a fermented vegetable extract; real meaning, as opposed to the letter; in Scrip., sometimes the renewed nature of man; the immortal part of man; pre- eminently, the Holy Spirit.

part of speech: verb

To convey away rapidly and secretly, as by a spirit.

part of speech: noun

A ghost.

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