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part of speech: noun

A stick carried for support or defence: a prop: a long piece of wood: pole: a flagstaff: the long handle of an instrument: a stick or ensign of authority: the five lines and spaces for music: a stanza ( the previous meanings have pl. STAFFS or STAVES, stavz): an establishment of officers acting together in an army, esp. that attached to the commander: a similar establishment of persons in any undertaking; as, the editorial staff of a newspaper ( the last two meanings have pl. STAFFS, stafs).

part of speech: noun

A stick carried for support in walking, etc.; a building material composed principally of plaster, used for temporary structures; the five lines and four spaces on which music is written; a flagpole; a body of executive and administrative officers attached to any department of an army, or to a commander; a body of assistants to a leader or manager; as, the staff of a newspaper.

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