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part of speech: verb transitive

To put on the stage, as a play.

part of speech: noun

A framework of timber on which anything is made to stand; a floor; a story; one degree of elevation; a landing- quay or pier; the theatre or theatrical representations; also the actual part where the performance takes place; any place of action; a resting- place on a journey; the distance travelled over without resting; degree of progress or advance.

part of speech: noun

A raised platform, on which an orator may speak, a play may be presented, etc.; the theatrical profession; the drama; theater; a place of rest on a journey; degree of progress; a stagecoach.

part of speech: noun

An elevated platform, esp. in a theatre: theatre: theatrical representations: any place of exhibition or performance: a place of rest on a journey or road: distance between places: degree of progress.

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