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Definitions of stake:

part of speech: noun

A strong stick pointed at one end: one of the upright pieces of a fence: a post to which an animal is tied, esp. that to which a martyr was tied to be burned: martyrdom: anything pledged in a wager.

part of speech: noun

A post or strong stick sharpened at one end and fixed in the ground; formerly, a post to which a person condemned to be burnt was secured: hence, death by such burning; that which is pledged, wagered, or risked for loss or gain; the prize in any contest; small anvil.

part of speech: noun

A post or slab of wood sharpened at one end and firmly set in the ground, to which anything may be fastened; a piece of rough wood forming one of the uprights of a fence; martyrdom, because martyrs were bound to stakes when burnt; anything placed in the hands of another, particularly money, to wait the result of a wager.

part of speech: verb

To mark the limits off by stakes; to wager; to pledge; to hazard.

part of speech: verb transitive

To fasten, or pierce with a stake: to mark the bounds of with stakes: to wager: to hazard.

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