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part of speech: verb transitive

To place in a certain position; appoint or assign.

part of speech: verb transitive

To assign a station to: to set: to appoint to a post, place, or office.

part of speech: noun

A place where a person or thing usually stands; as, a railroad flagman's station; headquarters for a body of persons, etc., ready for service; as, a police station; a stopping place on a railway for the use of passengers or for freight; position; as, he took up his station on the hill; social condition; rank.

part of speech: noun

The spot or place where a person stands; post assigned; position; rank or condition of life; office; a halting or starting place on a railway; a police- office; in bot., the region occupied by any particular plant, being the locality which presents the conditions most favourable for its growth and development; in mil., the quarters of a regiment, or the place where located.

part of speech: verb

To place; to appoint to the occupation of a certain post or point.

part of speech: noun

The place where a person or thing stands: post assigned: position: office: situation: occupation: business: state: rank: condition in life: the place where railway trains come to a stand: a district or branch post- office.

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