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part of speech: past tense, past participle


part of speech: verb

To delay; to obstruct; to keep from departure; to repress; to remain or continue in a place; to wait; to forbear to act; to stop; to stand still; to rely; to prop or hold up.

part of speech: verb transitive

To hold up or support; to sustain; hold back; to put off for a time; to stiffen or steady, as a mast, by ropes.

part of speech: present participle


part of speech: noun

Continuance or abode in a place; a prop or support; in engin., a part in tension to hold parts together.

part of speech: noun

Continuance in a place: abode for a time: stand: stop: a fixed state: ( B.) a stand- still: prop: support: ( naut.) a large strong rope running from the head of one mast to another mast (" fore- and- aft" stay), or to the side of the ship (" back"- stay):- pl. a kind of stiff inner waistcoat worn by women.

part of speech: verb transitive

To cause to stand: to stop: to restrain: to delay: to prevent from falling: to prop: to support:- pa. t. and pa. p. staid, stayed.

part of speech: noun


part of speech: verb intransitive

To remain; as, to stay at home all day; abide for a time; as, to stay at a hotel; to stand still.

part of speech: noun

In a ship, a strong rope extended from the head of a mast down to some part of the vessel in order to give it support- the stays of a ship are distinguished by different names.

part of speech: noun

A large, strong rope, usually of wire, which supports a mast; a prop; abode or continuance in a place; as, he made a long stay in Paris; a stand or stop; as, a stay of judgment.

Usage examples for stay:

  • I am to stay then, am I? "The Bars of Iron", Ethel May Dell
  • Stay I will help you. "The Red Eric", R.M. Ballantyne
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