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Definitions of stir:

part of speech: verb intransitive

To move or exert oneself; be in motion; change place.

part of speech: noun


part of speech: verb transitive

To move: to rouse: to instigate.

part of speech: noun

Activity; agitation; tumult; noise; public interest; excitement.

part of speech: noun

Tumult: bustle.

part of speech: verb transitive

To put into motion; move; to change the relative position of the particles of, as a liquid; as, to stir soup; agitate; rouse; as, to stir men to devotion.

part of speech: verb

To put into motion; to agitate; to incite; to rouse; to stimulate; to move one's self; to become the object of notice.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To move one's self: to be active: to draw notice:- pr. p. stirring; pa. t. and pa. p. stirred.

part of speech: noun

Tumult; bustle; public disturbance or disorder; agitation.

part of speech: present participle


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