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Definitions of stream:

part of speech: verb intransitive

To issue or flow in a stream; run in a current; float, or stretch out with a waving movement; as, banners streamed in the air.

part of speech: noun

A current of water or other fluid; anything flowing out of a source; as, a stream of words; a continued current; as, the stream of life; drift or tendency; as, the stream of opinion.

part of speech: noun

A current of water or of a liquid; anything issuing or proceeding in a line or continuous body, as gas, air, light, a multitude of people, & c.; a river; anything moving onwards in a continuous course.

part of speech: verb

To move onwards in a continous course; to flow, as a liquid; to pour out in abundance; to pour; to send forth.

part of speech: verb transitive

Flow with; as, her eyes streamed tears; cause to stretch out.

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