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part of speech: noun

One who gives aid or help; a defender; an adherent; that which supports; in her., a figure, originally of some animal, placed on the side of the scroll as if to support it.

part of speech: noun

One who supports or maintains; as, one who gives aid or helps to carry on; a defender; an advocate; a vindicator; as, the supporters of the war, the supporters of religion, morality, justice, etc.: " Worthy supporters of such a reigning impiety."- South: an adherent; one who takes part: as, the supporter of a party or faction: one who accompanies another on some public occasion as an aid or attendant; one who seconds or strengthens by aid or countenance: a sustainer; a comforter; " The saints have a companion and supporter in all their miseries."- South: that which supports or upholds; that upon which anything is placed; a support, a prop, a pillar, etc.; " A building set upon supporters."- Mortimer: in shipbuilding, a knee placed under the cathead: in surg. a broad, elastic, or cushioned band or truss for the support of any part or organ, as the abdomen.

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