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Definitions of tail:

part of speech: noun

The end of the backbone of an animal, generally hanging loose, and hairy: anything resembling a tail in appearance, position, etc.: the back, lower, or hinder part of anything: anything long and hanging, as a catkin, train of a comet, etc.

part of speech: noun

The part which terminates an animal body; the hinder part of anything; a shoot or projection hanging loosely from the hinder part; the bottom or lower part of anything; anything long and pendent; the end or spent part.

part of speech: noun

The end, or a prolongation of the end, of the backbone of an animal's body, usually hanging loose; the back, last, or lesser part of anything; as, the tail- end of a storm; anything hanging; in law, a limitation of ownership.

part of speech: verb

In arch., to fasten by one of its ends into a wall.

part of speech: noun

Limitation; abridgment; an estate tail, a partial estate cut or carved out of the fee- simple; an estate limited to certain heirs.

part of speech: noun

( law) The term applied to an estate which is cut off or limited to certain heirs.

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