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Definitions of thing:

part of speech: noun

An inanimate object: an event: a part.

part of speech: noun

That which can be thought of; a matter; an affair; an event or action; any substance; used in contempt, by way of extenuation or in pity, as " never any thing was soill- bred," " the poor thing sighed".

part of speech: noun

That which has a separate, individual existence; lifeless matter, as a stone; any object of thought; an event or act; a creature; an indefinite object.

part of speech: plural

Clothes; luggage.

Usage examples for thing:

  • " No. I don't know any such thing "Janet's Love and Service", Margaret M Robertson
  • " That's the first thing said Starmidge. "The Chestermarke Instinct", J. S. Fletcher
  • Yes, I do wonder at one thing "Barren Honour: A Novel", George A. Lawrence
  • And I'll tell you another thing "Left Guard Gilbert", Ralph Henry Barbour
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