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part of speech: adjective


part of speech: noun

The fleshy organ in the mouth of mammals, used in tasting, and also, in man, for speech; a language; as, he spke in a broken tongue; discourse; the clapper or hammer of a bell; the strip of leather under the lacing of a shoe; the pole o a two- horse vehicle; the pin of a buckle; the point of a flame.

part of speech: noun

The chief instr. of speech, and the organ of taste; speech; discourse; power of speech; a language; anything resembling a tongue in its shaps, use, or situation; the projection on the end of side of a board which fits into a groove; the clapper of a bell.

part of speech: verb

To chide; to scold; to talk or prate much.

part of speech: noun

The fleshy organ in the mouth, used in tasting, swallowing, and speech: power of speech: manner of speaking: speech: discourse: a language: anything like a tongue in shape: the catch of a buckle: the pointer of a balance: a point of land.

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