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part of speech: verb intransitive

To whirl round: to hinge: to depend: to issue: to take a different direction or tendency: to become by a change: to be turned in a lathe: to sour: to become giddy: to be nauseated: to change from ebb to flow or from flow to ebb: to become inclined in the other direction.

part of speech: noun

A movement in a circular direction; a bend, as in a road; the twist of a rope round a dent or belaying- pin; a walk to and fro; a change; change of direction; opportunity; convenience, use, or purpose; that which comes to one by rotation or in the course of duty; a good or evil act; form or cast, as the turn of a sentence.

part of speech: verb transitive

To cause to revolve: to reverse: to change the position or the direction of: to make to nauseate, to make giddy: direct the mind to: infatuate or make mad: to cause to return with profit: to transfer: to convert: to form in a lathe: to shape.

part of speech: noun

Act of turning: new direction, or tendency: a walk to and fro: change: a winding: a bend: from: manner: opportunity, convenience: act of kindness or malice. - TURNER. BY TURNS, one after another, alternately.

part of speech: verb transitive

To make to revolve or go round, as a wheel; to do by means of a revolving motion, as a handspring; to change the direction or position of; to change from one state to another, as milk into butter; upset; as, success has turned her head; to cause to become; to nauseate; to guide or direct; to give into the hands of another; with over; to bend or fold up, down, or over, as the leaf of a book; to go around; as to turn a corner; to shape in circular form, as by holding a revolving piece of wood against a sharp edge , or lathe; hence , to make or mold; as, he turns many a pretty compliment; to revolve in the mind; as, he turned the plan in every direction; to ponder; translate.

part of speech: verb

To cause to go round; to move round; to move from a direct course or straight line; to change the direction of; to change or alter; to reverse; to put the upper side downwards; to form or shape, as by means of a lathe; to translate, as from one language to another; to transform; to cause to loathe; to bewilder or make mad, as, it has turned his brain; to expel, as, to turn him out of doors; to direct, as the inclination or thoughts; to cause to change, as a party or principle; to change, as a course of life; to revolve in the mind; to make sour, as a liquor.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To have a circular motion; revolve; become; be changed; to start in especially to revolt; to depend; as, my action turns on yours; to incline to one side or the other; said of scales; hinge; to change from ebb to flow or from flow to ebb; said of the tide; to become spoiled, acid, or sour, as milk; to be nauseated, as the stomach; to become dizzy; as, my head turns; to result.

part of speech: noun

The act of revolving; circular motion, as of a wheel; a bend or curve; as, a turn of the road; change of direction; a good or evil act; as, to do a good turn; a single twist of a rope about a post; a critical change in the progress of a disease; colloquially, startling surprise or shock; a short walk for air and exercise; time for some act which one does in rotation with others; special purpose; tendency; bent; a charcacteristic growing out of a particular cast of mind, thought, etc.; a short stage piece or act.

Usage examples for turn:

  • " It is not my turn "Daisy in the Field", Elizabeth Wetherell
  • The girl can always turn him down, you know. "His Unknown Wife", Louis Tracy
  • Then he said: " It's your turn now, Jedge!" "Eatin' Crow; and The Best Man In Garotte", Frank Harris
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