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Definitions of Was:

part of speech: noun

The first and third persons singular, past tense, of the verb be.

part of speech: verb

The past tense of the verb be.

part of speech: imperfect

of Be

part of speech: imperfect

The past tense of the verb to be; as, I was, thou wast or wert, he was; we, you, or they were. Sometimes used elliptically for there was. The forms of the subjunctive occur in such expressions as, if I were, or were I to go; if thou wert; wert thou; were they, etc.

Usage examples for Was:

  • " It was Mr. Sabin! "Mysterious Mr. Sabin", E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • He was afraid to go. "The Literary Sense", E. Nesbit
  • Oh, yes; of course; and so I suppose she was "Orley Farm", Anthony Trollope
  • What was that, Excellenz? "The Woman of Mystery", Maurice Leblanc
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