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Definitions of weight:

part of speech: verb transitive

To load down; to make heavy.

part of speech: noun

The heaviness of a body ascertained in a balance with a fixed standard; a mass, as a standard for weighing; gravity; something heavy; pressure; importance; consequence; moment.

part of speech: noun

The quality of being heavy; amount of heaviness; a mass of metal used as a balance in finding the heaviness of other bodies; a heavy mass; a load; something oppressive; as, a weight on the mind; pressure; power; importance.

part of speech: noun

The heaviness of a thing when weighed, or the amount which anything weighs: the force with which a body is attracted to the earth, measured by the mass into the acceleration: a mass of metal adjusted to a standard and used for finding weight: anything heavy: a ponderous mass: pressure: importance: power: impressiveness.

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