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part of speech: noun

A violent wind moving in a circle, or rather in a spiral form, as if moving round an axis, this axis having at the same time a progressive motion, rectilinear or curvilinear, on the surface of the land or sea. Whirlwinds are produced chiefly by the meeting of currents of air which run in different directions. When they occur on land they give a whirling motion to dust, sand, part of a cloud, and sometimes even to bodies of great weight and bulk, carrying them either upwards or downwards, and scattering them about in all directions. At sea they often give rise to waterspouts. They are most frequent and violent in tropical countries, where the thermal states of the atmosphere are most favorable for their production.

part of speech: noun

Aerial currents that assume a rotatory, whirling, or spiral motion, often of great and destructive violence, but of short duration,- their occurrence at sea produces waterspouts- on the loose sands of the desert, sand- pillars.

part of speech: noun

A violent wind moving with a whirling, spiral motion; a tornado or cyclone; hence, a sudden, violent rush.

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