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part of speech: noun

A quadruped belonging to the digitigrade carnivora, family Canidae, in habits and physical development closely related to the dog, some naturalists, indeed, considering it as the progenitor of some existing races of the dog, with which it has been known to interbreed. The common European wolf ( Canis lupus) is yellowish or fulvous gray; the hair is harsh and strong, the ears erect and pointed, the tail straight, or nearly so, and there is a blackish band or streak on the forelegs about the carpus. The height at the shoulder is from 27 to 29 inches. The wolf is swift of foot, crafty, and rapacious; a destructive enemy to the sheepcote and farm- yard; it associates in packs to hunt the larger quadrupeds, such as the deer, the elk, etc. When hard pressed with hunger these packs have been known to attack isolated travellers, and even to enter villages and carry off children. In general, however, wolves are cowardly and stealthy, approaching the sheepfolds and farm- steadings only at dead of night, making a rapid retreat if in the least scared by a dog or a man, and exhibiting great cunning in the avoidance of traps. Wolves are still plentiful in some parts of Europe, as France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey, and Russia; they probably ceased to exist in England about the end of the fifteenth century; the last of their race in Scotland in said to have been killed by Cameron of Lochiel in 1680, while in Ireland they are known to have existed until at least the beginning of the eighteenth century. The black wolf ( C. occidentalis) of America is a larger and finer animal than his European congener. The little prairie wolf of coyote. ( C. ochropus), abounding on the vast plains of Missouri and Mexico, is a burrowing animal, and resembles in many respects the jackal. The Tasmanian wolf is a marsupial, and allied to the kangaroo.

part of speech: noun

A fierce beast of prey of the dog king; anything ravenous and destructive; a small white worm in feasting granaries.

part of speech: noun

A flerce, flesh- eating, wild animal of the dog family; hence, a person noted for cruelty.

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