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Definitions of blank:

part of speech: noun

A paper without writing: a ticket having no mark, and therefore valueless: an empty space.

part of speech: adverb


part of speech: noun


part of speech: adjective

Without writing or marks, as in white paper: empty: vacant, confused: in poetry, not having rhyme.

part of speech: adjective

Denoting an unwritten ticket, or one not obtaining a prize; empty; void; confused; confounded; in verse, without rhyme.

part of speech: verb

To make void or empty; to confuse; to efface or rub off.

part of speech: noun

Any empty space; an unfilled space in a written or printed document; a lottery ticket which fails to draw a prize; disk of metal before it is stamped.

part of speech: verb transitive

To make pale, and so confound.

part of speech: noun

A void; any empty space; paper unwritten on or without marks; a ticket without value.

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