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part of speech: verb transitive

To stop the passage of; to obstruct; stop up; to plan without working our details; to support by blocks; to mold or shape on a block.

part of speech: verb transitive

To inclose or shut up: to obstruct: to shape.

part of speech: noun

Any unshaped solid mass of matter, as of wood, stone, etc.; a piece of wood for supporting the neck of a person condemned to be beheaded; a piece of hard wood prepared for the tool of the engraver; a wooden mold for shaping hats; a grooved pulley or pulleys in a frame to which is attached a hook or ring by which it may be suspended; a row of buildings; a square or portion of a city inclosed by streets; that which closes the way or channel; an obstacle; a hindrance; quantity, section, or number of something dealt with as a unit; as, a block of seats in a theater; shares of stock bought or sold in the mass.

part of speech: noun

A heavy piece of timber or stone; any mass of matter; the lump of wood on which persons were beheaded; any hindrance or obstruction; the piece of wood in which the wheels of a pulley run; a row of houses.

part of speech: verb

To shut up; to stop; to obstruct.

part of speech: noun

An unshaped mass of wood or stone, etc.: the wood on which criminals are beheaded; ( mech.) a pulley together with its framework: a piece of wood on which something is formed: a connected group of houses: an obstruction: a blockhead.

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