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part of speech: noun

A rank or order of persons or things: a number of students or scholars who are taught together: a scientific division or arrangement.

part of speech: noun

A rank or order of persons having like interests; a number of students of the same rank or status; a group of animals or plants; a number of objects, events, etc., having characteristics in common.

part of speech: noun

A rank of persons; a number of persons in society supposed to have the same position in regard to means, rank, & c.; a number of students in a college, or pupils in a school, engaged in the same course of study; a distribution into groups of creatures or things having something in common; a kind or sort.

part of speech: verb

To arrange; to put into sets or ranks; to distribute into groups.

part of speech: verb transitive

To form into a class or classes; to arrange methodically.

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