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Definitions of credit:

part of speech: noun

Belief; honor; trust; that which adds to one's reputation; sale on trust; financial standing; value received; opposite to debit.

part of speech: verb transitive

To believe; trust; have confidence in; enter on the credit side of an account; to ascribe.

part of speech: noun

Trust; reliance on the truth of words spoken; confidence in the sincerity of intentions or actions; good opinion derived from character or social position; power; influence; sale of goods on trust; time allowed for payment of goods not sold for ready money; in book- keeping, one side of an account is called the credit side, the other the debtor side- by is the sign of entry of the former, and to of the latter.

part of speech: verb

To confide in; to believe; to trust; to sell goods on trust; to do honour to; to put a payment to an account to lessen its amount.

part of speech: noun

Belief: esteem: reputation: honor: good character: sale on trust: time allowed for payment: the side of an account on which payments received are entered.

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