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part of speech: adverb


part of speech: adjective

Oblique; transverse; obstructing; adverse; peevish or ill- humoured.

part of speech: verb transitive

To put, or draw, across; cancel; pass; oppose; obstruct; make the sign of the cross upon.

part of speech: noun

A gibbet on which male factors were hung, consisting of two pieces of timber, one placed crosswise on the other, either thus + or x ; the instrument on which Christ suffered, and thus the symbol of the Christian religion: the sufferings of Christ: anything that crosses or thwarts: adversity or affliction in general: a crossing or mixing of breeds, esp. of cattle.

part of speech: verb

To draw a line, or place a body, across another; to pass or move over; to pass from side to side; to cancel; to erase; to obstruct or hinder.

part of speech: adjective

Lying across: transverse: oblique: opposite: adverse: illtempered: interchanged.

part of speech: verb transitive

To mark with a cross: to lay one body or draw one line across another: to cancel by drawing cross lines: to pass from side to side: to obstruct: to thwart: to move or pass from place to place.

part of speech: adjective

Not parallel; fretful; peevish.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To be athwart.

part of speech: noun

Two lengths of any body placed across each other- thus (+), ( X), or (+); a line drawn through another; the ensign of the Christian religion; the instrument on which the Saviour died; any misfortune; a hindrance.

part of speech: noun

A gibbet of wood formed of an upright and a cross piece; the emblem of the Christian faith; a device like a cross; a mark made on a document by those who cannot write; a trial of patience; suffering for Christ's sake.

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