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part of speech: adjective


part of speech: noun

A party in turbulent or disloyal opposition; a cabal; dissension.

part of speech: noun

A group of persons in a state, political party, etc., who are working for a special end or aim; a party in disloyal opposition; dissension.

part of speech: noun

A party, in politics, combined or acting in union, in opposition to the state, government, or prince; usually applied to a minority, but it may be applied to a majority; a party promoting discord or unscrupulously promoting their private ends at the expense of the public good; " Not swaying to this faction or to that."- Tennyson; " When a party abandons public and general ends, and devotes itself only to the personal interests of its members and leaders, it is called a faction, and its policy is said to be factious."- Sir G. C. Lewis; " A feeble government produces more factions than an oppressive one."- Ames; tumult; discord; dissension; " They remined at Newbury in great faction among themselves."- Lord Clarendon; in Rom. antiq. one of the four classes, distinguished by special colors, into which the combatants in the circus were divided; there were the green, blue, red, and white factions, and other two, the purple and yellow, are said to have been added by Domitian.

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