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Definitions of fellow:

part of speech: adjective

Associated or joined with; as, fellow members.

part of speech: noun

A person or thing joined or associated with another; a companion; one of a pair; a name of contempt; in a learned society, one who holds a higher status than that of a member; a member of a college who is on the foundation and receives an income from its revenues.

part of speech: noun

A companion or associate; one of the same kind; one of a pair; an individual; one held in slight esteem; a member of a society; a graduate member of a college who holds a fellowship; the trustee of a college.

part of speech: noun

An associate; a companion and equal; one of a pair; a mate; a member of a university who enjoys a fellowship; a member of a scientific or other society; a worthless person.

Usage examples for fellow:

  • Then in a moment: " Who is the fellow "The Desert Fiddler", William H. Hamby
  • Tell it me, my good fellow "Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France", Stanley J. Weyman
  • What fellow in Larne? "Duffels", Edward Eggleston
  • This fellow out of his fear sure has Perswaded her. "The Scornful Lady", Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher
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