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part of speech: noun

A passing through the air; a soaring; excursion; a sally; a series of steps; a flock of birds flying together; the birds produced in the same season; a volley or shower; act of fleeing; hasty removal.

part of speech: noun

A hasty removal; the act of flying or fleeing; a volley or shower, as of darts or arrows; an excursion, as a flight of the imagination; a mounting; a soaring; an extravagant sally, as of ambition; space passed, as by flying; a flock of birds or winged creatures; birds produced in the same season; a series, as stairs.

part of speech: noun

The act, process, manner, or power of flying; hasty departure; birds flying together; a soaring forth; the ascent of an airplane; a distance traveled by an airplane; the distance traveled by a projectile; a shower or volley; a series of steps.

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