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part of speech: verb transitive

To add a foot to, as a stocking; add figures in a column; colioquially, to pay; as, to foot the bill.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To dance; to walk; - pr. p. footing; pa. p. foot'ed.

part of speech: noun

That part of the leg on which an animal walks or stands; the lower part, base, foundation, or end of anything; that part of a boot or stocking which receives the foot; a measure equal to twelve inches; unmounted soldiers; a number of syllables making part of a verse.

part of speech: noun

The lower part, base, or bottom of anything; that on which any animal or thing stands; a measure of 12 inches; a step or pace; the division of a line of poetry.

part of speech: verb

To kick; to tread; to dance; to trip to music.

part of speech: noun

That part of its body on which an animal stands or walks; the lower part or base; a measure- 12 in. ( orig.) the length of a man's foot; foot soldiers; a division of a line of poetry; - pl. FEET ( fet).

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