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Definitions of good:

part of speech: adjective

Having qualities, whether physical or moral, desirable or suitable to the end proposed: promoting success, welfare, or happiness: virtuous: pious: kind: benevolent: proper: fit: competent: sufficient: valid: sound: serviceable: beneficial: real: serious, as in good earnest: not small, considerable, as in good deal: full, complete, as measure: unblemished, honorable, as in good name:- comp. BETTER; superl. BEST.

part of speech: noun

The contrary of evil; virtue; righteousness; benefit; advantage.

part of speech: adverb

Well, as in the phrase as good.

part of speech: noun

Excellence; that which is right, not wrong; prosperity; benefit.

part of speech: interjection

A word expressing approbation or admiration.

part of speech: interjection

An expression of assent or pleasure; as, good! I am glad of it.

part of speech: adjective

Well! right!.

part of speech: superlative


part of speech: noun

That which promotes happiness, success, etc.:- opposed to EVIL: prosperity: welfare: advantage, temporal or spiritual: moral qualities: virtue: ( B.) possessions:- pl. household furniture: movable property: merchandise.

part of speech: comparative


part of speech: adjective

Having excellent qualities; adapted to any particular work or use; as, fish are good for food; pious; moral; kind; favorable; beneficial; as, good counsel; cheerful as, good spirits; gracious and pleasing; as, good manners; undamaged; as, the dress was old, but still good; honest or genuine; as, good coin.

part of speech: adjective

The opposite of bad; pious; sound; undamaged; proper or fit; considerable; having sufficient; pleasant to the taste; unblemished; kind; favourable; clever; real- as, he is in good earnest; in the sense of wishing well- as, good- day, and good- bye.

Usage examples for good:

  • She would take good care of him now. "Norston's Rest", Ann S. Stephens
  • Oh, you are good good "A Manifest Destiny", Julia Magruder
  • How good they will be! "The Book of Nature Myths", Florence Holbrook
  • Well, well; that's too good "The Boy Volunteers with the French Airmen", Kenneth Ward
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