How to Change Emoji Color on Android

Emojis have become an essential part of our daily conversations. They add a touch of emotion and fun to our messages, making them more expressive. However, sometimes the default color of the emojis might not fit with the aesthetics of your message, and you might want to change the color of the emoji. If you are an android user and wondering how to change emoji color on android, you have come to the right place.

Step 1: Install a Third-Party Keyboard

The first step to change emoji color on android is to install a third-party keyboard that supports customizable emojis. Google Play Store has a variety of third-party keyboards available for download, such as Swiftkey, Gboard, and Fleksy. You can choose any keyboard that suits your preferences.

Step 2: Enable the Keyboard

After downloading and installing the third-party keyboard, you need to enable it on your android device. To do so, go to the device’s settings, select the “Language and Input” option, and then select the third-party keyboard you installed.

Step 3: Customize the Emoji Color

Once you have enabled the third-party keyboard, you can start customizing the emoji color. Open any messaging app, and tap on the emoji icon to access the emojis. Select the emoji you want to customize and hold it. A pop-up menu will appear, giving you the option to change the color of the emoji. Choose the color you want, and voila! The emoji is now in your desired color.

Step 4: Repeat the Process

You can repeat the process for any other emoji you want to customize. Keep in mind that not all third-party keyboards support customizable emojis, so make sure to choose a keyboard that has this feature.

People Also Ask:

Q: Can I change the color of all emojis on my android device?
A: No, not all emojis are customizable. Only the emojis that support color customization can be changed.

Q: Do I need to download a new keyboard every time I want to customize an emoji color?
A: No, once you have downloaded and installed a third-party keyboard that supports customizable emojis, you can use it to customize the color of any emoji on your android device.

Q: Is it possible to change the color of emojis on all android devices?
A: Yes, you can change the color of emojis on any android device that supports third-party keyboards.

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