How to Invert Photos on iPhone

Have you ever taken a photo on your iPhone and wished you could invert the colors? Maybe you’re looking for a new way to edit your photos, or maybe you just want to try something different. Whatever your reason, you’re in luck because it’s easy to invert photos on your iPhone. In this article, we’ll show you how to do it step-by-step.

Step 1: Open Your Photos App

The first step is to open your Photos app on your iPhone. This app is pre-installed on your device, and you should be able to find it on your home screen. Once you’ve opened the app, navigate to the photo you want to invert.

Step 2: Tap Edit

Once you’ve selected the photo you want to invert, tap the “Edit” button at the top of the screen. This will open up the editing tools for your photo.

Step 3: Tap the Adjustments Tool

In the editing tools, you should see several icons at the bottom of the screen. Tap the “Adjustments” tool, which is represented by a dial with a dot in the middle.

Step 4: Tap the Invert Tool

Once you’ve opened the Adjustments tool, you should see several options, including Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation. Swipe to the left until you see the “Invert” tool, which is represented by a circle with arrows pointing inwards. Tap this tool to invert your photo.

People Also Ask:

Q: Can I invert only a part of the photo?

A: No, the invert tool will invert the entire photo.

Q: Will inverting my photo affect the quality?

A: No, inverting your photo will not affect the quality of the image.

Q: Can I undo the changes if I don’t like the inverted photo?

A: Yes, simply tap the “Revert” button at the bottom of the screen to undo the changes and return to the original photo.

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