How to Send All Calls to Voicemail on Android

Do you ever find yourself in situations where you can’t answer phone calls, but don’t want to miss any important messages? Luckily, Android phones have a feature that allows you to send all calls directly to voicemail. Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1: Open your Phone app

The first step is to open your phone app, which is usually located on your home screen or in your app drawer. Once you have it open, look for the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen and tap on them.

Step 2: Go to Settings

From the dropdown menu that appears, select “Settings” and scroll down until you find the “Calls” section. Tap on it to expand the options.

Step 3: Select “Call Settings”

Under the “Calls” section, select “Call Settings”. This will bring up a list of settings related to your phone calls.

Step 4: Choose “Call Forwarding”

Next, select “Call Forwarding”. This will allow you to redirect all incoming calls to voicemail.

Step 5: Enable Call Forwarding

To enable call forwarding, toggle the switch next to “Forward When Unanswered” to the on position. This will redirect all incoming calls to voicemail when you don’t answer them.

Step 6: Choose a Voicemail Service

If you haven’t already set up a voicemail service on your phone, you’ll be prompted to choose one. Select your preferred service and follow the instructions to set it up.

Step 7: Save your Settings

Once you’ve chosen your voicemail service, make sure to save your call forwarding settings by tapping on the save button.

That’s it! Now all incoming calls will be automatically redirected to voicemail. You can turn off call forwarding at any time by following these same steps and toggling the switch to the off position.

People also ask:

How do I send a specific contact’s calls to voicemail?

To send a specific contact’s calls to voicemail, you’ll need to add them to your phone’s block list. You can do this by opening the Phone app, selecting the contact you want to block, and tapping on the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen. From there, select “Block number” and the contact’s calls will be automatically sent to voicemail.

Can I set up call forwarding for specific times of day?

Yes, you can set up call forwarding to only activate during specific times of day. To do this, select “Forward When Unanswered” under the “Call Forwarding” section of your phone’s settings. Then, select “Set the time” and choose the times of day you want call forwarding to be active.

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