How to Turn Off Assistive Touch on Android

Assistive Touch is an accessibility feature on Android devices that allows users to perform different functions with ease. This feature is particularly helpful for people with disabilities or those who have difficulty using the touch screen. However, if you no longer need this feature, you can easily turn it off. Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to your device’s settings

The first step to turning off Assistive Touch on Android is to go to your device’s settings. You can access the settings by tapping the gear icon on your home screen or app drawer.

Step 2: Tap on “Accessibility”

Once you are in the settings, scroll down until you see the “Accessibility” option. Tap on it to access the accessibility settings.

Step 3: Tap on “Assistive Touch”

In the accessibility settings, you will see different options related to accessibility features. Look for “Assistive Touch” and tap on it to access its settings.

Step 4: Toggle off the switch

Finally, to turn off Assistive Touch on Android, all you need to do is toggle off the switch next to it. Once you do that, the feature will be disabled, and you won’t see the Assistive Touch button on your screen anymore.

Step 5: Restart your device

If you’ve turned off Assistive Touch but still see the button on your screen, you may need to restart your device for the changes to take effect. Hold down the power button and select “Restart” from the options that appear.

That’s it! You’ve successfully turned off Assistive Touch on your Android device. If you need to use this feature again in the future, you can follow the same steps to turn it back on.

People Also Ask:

Q: Can I customize the Assistive Touch button on Android?

A: Yes, you can customize the Assistive Touch button on Android to perform different functions. To do this, go to the Assistive Touch settings and tap on “Customize Top Level Menu.”

Q: Is Assistive Touch available on all Android devices?

A: No, Assistive Touch is not available on all Android devices. It depends on the manufacturer and the Android version your device is running.

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