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Definitions of interest:

part of speech: noun

Advantage; influence; as, he used his interest with the president to secure a position for his brother; personal concern; benefit; profit; sum paid for the use of money; share.

part of speech: verb transitive

To engage the attention: to awaken concern in: to excite ( in behalf of another).

part of speech: verb transitive

To engage the attention of; a waken curiosity, care, etc., in; cause to take a share in; as, to interest oneself in politics.

part of speech: noun

Influence over others; benefit; good; regard to private profit or advantage; concern; share; price paid for the use or loan of money- the sum lent being called the principal, the interest for a year on £ 100 the rate, and the principal and interest the amount.

part of speech: verb

To concern; to affect; to engage, as the attention or affections; to give or have a share in.

part of speech: noun

Advantage: premium paid for the use of money ( in COMPOUND INTEREST, the interest of each period is added to its principal, and the amount forms a new principal for the next period): any increase: concern: special attention: influence over others: share: participation: a collective name for those interested in any particular business, measure, or the like; as, the landed interest of the country, the shipping interest of our principal ports.

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