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part of speech: noun

Something given to be kept for the sake of the giver.

part of speech: noun

A gift to be kept for the sake of the giver; to keep back, to withhold; to restrain; to keep company with, to associate with; to keep down, to restrain, to hinder; kept down, in painting, subdued in tone or tint; to keep from, to abstain; to keep on, to go forward; to keep to, to adhere strictly to; to keep in, to conceal; to restrain; to keep off, to bear to a distance; not to admit; to keep up, to maintain; to continue; to remain unsubdued; to keep under, to oppress; to subdue; Keeper of the Great Seal, an officer of high dignity in the English Constitution, who is a lord in virtue of his office, and whose duty is to hold the custody of the Great Seal- now always the Lord Chancellor, the speaker of the House of Lords.

part of speech: noun

Something kept, or given to be kept, for the sake of the giver.

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