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Definitions of lapse:

part of speech: noun

A gliding or passing away slowly; as, the lapse of time; slight fault or mistake; the ending of a claim, right, etc., through failure to assert or exercise it.

part of speech: noun

A slipping or falling: a failing in duty: a fault: a gliding, a passing.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To slip slowly away; as, his interest lapsed; to fall into ruin by degrees; commit a fault or fail in duty; pass to another owner by neglect or death; as, the title lapsed.

part of speech: noun

A gliding; a slight error or mistake; a slip; a falling or passing; omission to present to a benefice in due time, which gives the right to another.

part of speech: verb

To pass slowly, silently, or by degrees; to commit a fault by inadvertency or mistake; to fall or pass from one to another by omission or negligence, as property.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To slip or glide: to pass by degrees: to fall from the faith or from virtue: to fail in duty: to pass to another proprietor by the negligence of a patron, etc.: to become void.

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