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part of speech: noun

A thread of linen or flax: a slender cord: ( math.) that which has length without breadth or thickness: an extended stroke: a straight row: a cord extended to direct any operations: outline: a series, succession of: a mark or lineament, hence a characteristic: a row: a rank: a verse: a short letter or note: a trench, in pl. military works of defence: limit: method: the equator: lineage: direction: occupation: the regular infantry of an army: the twelfth part of an inch.

part of speech: verb

To cover the inside of a garment, originally with linen, but now with any other texture; to cover on the inside; to strengthen with a guard within; to strengthen with anything added; to impregnate- applied to the lower animals.

part of speech: verb transitive

To mark out with lines: to cover with lines: to place along by the side of for guarding: by a guard within or by anything added.

part of speech: verb transitive

To cover on the inside with linen or other material: to cover.

part of speech: noun

A mark on paper, etc., having length but not breadth or thickness; a slender string or cord; a row; as, a line of trees; a boundary; as, we crossed the line into Canada; an imaginary circle on the globe; as, a line of latitude; plan or method; as, follow this line of attack; a course of action; an industry or profession; as, he was an expert in his own line; a row of printed or written letters or words; a verse of poetry; descent; as, a line of kings; trains, ships, etc., making up a system of transportation; in war, a row of defended positions; as, a trench in the front line; a row of soldiers marching abreast; a wire in a telegraph or telephone system.

part of speech: noun

Length without breadth; a string or cord; a lineament or mark in the hand or face; outline; as much as is written from the one margin to the opposite one; a single row; a series or succession; course or direction; in poetry, a verse or part of a verse; family ascending or descending; line of business; twelfth part of an inch; the line, the equator or equinoctial circle; applied to the largest warships, as a ship of the line.

part of speech: verb transitive

To draw lines upon; place along side by side; as, to line up soldiers; cover on the inside; as, to line a coat.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To form a row; as the men line up for inspection.

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