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Definitions of on:

part of speech: preposition

Above, and in contact with the upper surface of a thing; not off; upon; at or near; denoting dependence or reliance; denoting nearness or closeness; denoting addition or accumulation.

part of speech: adverb

Forward; onward; along; as, to go on; so as to cover or be supported by; as, put on your coat; jump on before the train starts; in or into action or use; as, to turn on the gas; in progress; as, the fight is on.

part of speech: preposition

In contact with the upper part of: to and towards the surface of: upon or acting by contact with: not off: at or near: at or during: in addition to: toward, for: at the peril of: in consequence: immediately after: ( B.) off.

part of speech: adjective

Go on! proceed!.

part of speech: adverb

Forward in progression; in continuance; without ceasing; opposed to off; on a sudden, suddenly.

part of speech: pronoun

One; they.

part of speech: preposition

Upon; as, to sit on a chair; in contact with the upper surface; as, we live on the earth; along or by; as, Paris is on the Seine; in the act or state of; as, on a journey; toward; as, he looked on her as his guide; in connection with; as, to go on business; showing the relation of following after; as, they are on his trail; in the direction of; as, the door opens on a lawn; about; as, an address on war; indicating time; as, on July first; resting against; as, a picture on the wall; supported by; as, on my honor.

part of speech: adverb

Above, or next beyond: forward, in succession: in continuance: not off.

part of speech: interjection

A word of excitement or encouragement to attack or advance; a contraction for go on.

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