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part of speech: verb intransitive

To direct the finger towards an object: to show game by looking, as a dog.

part of speech: noun

That which pricks or pierces: anything coming to a sharp end: the mark made by a sharp instrument: ( geom.) that which has neither length, breadth, nor thickness: a mark showing the divisions of a sentence: ( mus.) a dot at the right hand of a note, to raise its value one- half: a very small space: a moment of time: a small affair: a single thing: a single assertion: the precise thing to be considered: anything intended: exact place: degree: that which stings, as the point of an epigram: a lively turn of thought: that which awakens attention: a peculiarity:- pl. the switch on a railway.

part of speech: verb

To bring to a sharp end; to direct towards; to aim; to show by way of example; to mark with characters in order to indicate certain distinctions; to distinguish by stops or points by way of punctuation; to fill the joints with mortar and smooth them with a trowel, as a stone wall; to direct attention to an object by the finger; to indicate, as dogs do to sportsmen.

part of speech: verb transitive

To sharpen; to give force to; as, to point a moral; to show the direction of; direct or aim; to punctuate.

part of speech: verb transitive

To give a point to: to sharpen: to aim: to direct one's attention: to punctuate, as a sentence: to fill the joints of with mortar, as a wall.

part of speech: noun

The sharp end of any instrument or body; anything resembling a point; the sting of an epigram; a small cape or headland; a turn of thought or expression that strikes with agreeable surprise; in geom., that which has position but no magnitude; a moment; a small space; punctilio; nicety; place or time near; critical moment; eve or verge, as of death; position; state; dot, mark, or spot; direction of view, or part viewed; particular mark or aim; particular mode or parts; instance; example; single part; part of a whole; single position; the main question; lace wrought with the needle, as point- lace; a division of the mariner's compass.

part of speech: noun

The sharp end of a thing; as, the point of a pin; a tapering end of land; a cape; a speck or dot; a mark of punctuation; a particular spot; exact place; as, to reach a certain point on the road; a particular time or moment; as, the turning- point of a battle; a particular detail or item; particular aim or purpose; as, you missed the point of the story; to gain one's point; a step or stage; as, boiling point; one of the thirty- two divisions of a compass; lace made with the needle.

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