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Definitions of position:

part of speech: noun

Place, situation: attitude: state of affairs: the ground taken in argument, or a dispute: principle laid down: place in society.

part of speech: noun

The state of being placed or set; situation; place; attitude or posture, as of a model or object to be copied; a principle advanced or laid down; state of affairs; condition; state; a rule in arithmetic.

part of speech: noun

The state of being set or placed; situation; as, the position of a house; office or employment; as, to lose one's position; posture; as, a graceful position; attitude toward any subject; as, to define one's position.

Usage examples for position:

  • Expected a position in a few days. "The Social Work of the Salvation Army", Edwin Gifford Lamb
  • That may all be, but think of his position "Walter Sherwood's Probation", Horatio Alger
  • " Do you not see my position "The Master of the Ceremonies", George Manville Fenn
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