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part of speech: noun

That which is highest in rank or importance.

part of speech: noun

That which is first in rank, place, or importance; a meeting of voters to name candidates, etc., to be voted for in a coming election; one of the large flight- feathers in a bird's wing.

part of speech: noun

That which is first or highest in rank; opposed to secondary.

part of speech: adjective

In the first order of time, place, or rank; original; chief; principal; first in order of development; hence, lowest; as, a primary school; preparatory.

part of speech: adjective

First, original: chief: primitive.

part of speech: adjective

First in order of time or formation; first in place; rank, or importance; original; principal; preparatory or lowest in order, as schools or political assemblies.

part of speech: adverb


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