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part of speech: noun

The motion of a body round any fixed point or centre; motion or course of anything which brings it back to the same state or point; change or alteration of system; a change in the constitution of a country; in Eng. hist. that change which placed William and Mary on the throne, A. D. 1688; That of the U. States, beginning 1775; that of France, the first or great Revolution, 1789.

part of speech: noun

The motion of a body, especially a heavenly body, in a closed curve around a fixed point, or the complete turn of the body made in such a course; as, the revolution of the earth in its orbit; the motion of a body in spinning on an axis; as, the revolution of a wheel; circuit; a decided and sudden change; as, a revolution in ideas or character; the overthrow of one form of government and the setting up of another, by the people.

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