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part of speech: adjective

Same or very: used in composition, as in selfsame.

part of speech: adjective

Self is the first element in innumerable compounds, generally of obvious meaning, in most of which it denotes either the agent or the object of the action expressed by the word with which it is joined, or the person on behalf of whom it is performed, or the person or thing to, for, or towards whom or which a quality, attribute, or feeling expressed by the following word, belongs, is directed, or is exerted, or from which it proceeds; or it denotes the subject of, or object affected by, such action, quality, attribute, feeling, and the like.

part of speech: noun

One's own person or character; personality; one's own private interest; as, a person who lives for self is unhappy.

part of speech: noun

One's own person: one's personal interest: selfishness: a flower or blossom of a uniform color, especially one without an edging or border distinct from the ground color:- pl. SELVES ( selvz).

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